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Business Travellers – Why Serviced Apartments will make you, your staff AND your Accountant very happy.

Published on December 17, 2018 by admin

Why would companies specifically favour serviced accommodation for their team members and employees over maybe using local hotels?
It might be a company booking on behalf of their staff member or team member, or maybe it’s somebody that they’re trying to entertain, that needs to stay in the local area. Or maybe even it’s somebody that’s going to be short term. Say they have contracts in an area, or they’re working for a company for three or six months.

It is, effectively, more cost efficient for a company to use a serviced apartment than it is for them to use a hotel. I would challenge anyone to have a look – go online – for any city centre location, go on a booking site and book a four-star hotel, at least, which of course – this serviced apartment is at least comparable to a four-star. So try and book a four-star hotel for thirty days in any city centre and see what cost comes back. The longer they stay in a serviced apartment, the less the nightly rate. With a hotel, it’s higher because obviously, you’re accommodating that room.

Companies will see it as a chance. Let’s say we’re in a two bedroom apartment, they’ve got two people coming down on contracts, those two people can share that two bedroom apartment, and otherwise they would have to get two hotel rooms. They save on expenses too as people will cook their own food rather than go out eating. They will save on laundry – All these little things that you might not consider.

I think it’s very important to understand why businesses are doing this now, because ultimately for them it’s more cost efficient. But also they’re getting better productivity from their staff. Because – I don’t think anyone could argue with this – people would rather stay in an apartment they can call their own for thirty days, rather than a hotel room, living out of a suitcase. It’s a win/win across the whole chain. But also, for the person that’s staying, it’s a much better lifestyle than living out of a suitcase.

I think one of the unknown benefits to a serviced apartment is ….productivity. If you’re staying in a Travel Lodge for a period of thirty days or longer………It’s depressing. You’ve got your bedroom space, maybe a little desk in the corner, but it’s going to be hard work just going out to that restaurant every single night ….alone… and living that kind of lifestyle. If you’re working in a city and you’ve got your own place – you’ve got your own ability to cook, do your washing, all that kind of stuff, in the apartment – it’s a home from home. It’s those little things, which is why the businesses like it, from a psychological point of view.

Putting staffs well being is paramount to getting the best out of them, and ultimately a serviced apartment can help do that and help keep the accountant happy. Its a Win-Win all round.